Creating a workspace at home doesn’t need to be difficult and can be much more than a table crammed into the corner of a room or a pile of paperwork and a laptop on the dining room table. As more people embrace working from home it’s important to create a space that is unique to you, where you feel comfortable and can be productive. Read on for some tips on how to create a flawless working environment.


Selecting a desk

There are so many choices it can become quite overwhelming. Standing, sitting, glass, wood, built-in shelving, less conventional. Firstly, consider what you will be using the desk for. Do you have loads of paperwork, are you creative needing to spread out and draw, do you need two screens, or can you operate with a phone and a laptop? This will help determine the ideal size.

The second part to this is your home environment and how much space you have available. If space is limited a more compact desk could be best. If your office setup is going to be an extension of your living room or bedroom there are also options that can double as a console, and paired with the right storage your desk can quickly convert into a piece of living room furniture.


Eliminate distractions

Creating a calm space with minimal distractions will help to create a productive work environment. If possible, a workspace away from others in the house will help. Also investing in good storage will help to keep the space tidy and organised. There are some great storage solutions out there, from shelving to baskets. Be creative and have a bit of fun.


The right chair

Comfort is key. This is going to be a place you spend many hours in so don’t compromise. Make sure you find a chair that has an adjustable height or is well suited to your desk. If the space allows, consider adding an occasional chair to provide somewhere to complete tasks away from your computer.


Light it

Having good lighting is important to avoid straining your eyes. Invest in a good floor or table lamp to add extra lighting on those overcast days. If possible, position your office in a space with lots of natural light too (it’s known to increase productivity), just make sure you have a blind or curtain to prevent the sun from shining on your screen at certain times of the day.


Add personality

This is all about the finishing touches – it’s your space, so introduce a few personal items. A nice candle, family photo, piece of art, or some ornaments. These all make the space feel like your own and make it an area you enjoy spending time in. Plants also make a lovely addition, adding a pop of colour, creating a real sense of serenity in a workspace. Artificial plants are great if you’re not good at remembering to water them!