Lee, our national visual merchandiser, helps take the guesswork out of choosing a dinner set with the latest trends and some practical tips.

Tell us about your dinnerware, Lee!

We have a white set and a coloured set. I will always be a fan of white dinnerware, especially the Flo range, it’s versatile and so classic. I love fashion trends and trying new looks, so the coloured set is a bit more casual and fun. We have a super small kitchen with limited storage, so I store it on a shelving unit. This free’s up my cupboard space for other things, plus I love the look of seeing my dinnerware displayed, not hidden away.

To match, or not to match?

There are no set rules about your dinnerware needing to match. Be creative and incorporate different patterns, colours and designs. This also takes the pressure off when entertaining as you don’t feel like everyone’s place settings need to be the same. Eating is more casual than it used to be so your bowls don’t have to match your plate – also they are generally not on the table at the same time so even if you want each course to match, the entire set doesn’t need to be the same.

How much do I buy?

Most stores now sell dinner sets as separate pieces. This is great as it allows you to select how many pieces you need for your home. 8 pieces is pretty standard but go with what works for you and your family. If you are big on entertaining, you might need a few extra up your sleeve. Dinnerware is becoming more versatile, the same bowl can be used for breakfast cereal, soup and as a serving dish. I love using big bowls for curries instead of dinner plates. I’d recommend buying a few different shapes as I like having options and a range of plates and platers to get creative with.

What advice can you give us on colour and style?

Consider what colour scheme you have in your home and try and work with these tones. Artisan handcrafted dinnerware is very on-trend now. I’m loving the different finishes from high gloss to reactive glazes. I’m also very happy to see warm colours in dinnerware again. It reminds me of my childhood in the 70s when we weren’t scared of colour and making a statement.

Any final tips?

Think about the practical side of things…these days most dinnerware is dishwasher and microwave safe and suitable for use in the oven, however, there are some more delicate materials that require hand washing and may not be heat resistant. Make sure you check this out before purchasing or you might find yourself doing a few more dishes than you were expecting!

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