It’s no secret that colours play a significant role in shaping the overall feeling of a space. So, when your dream sofa comes in a variety of fabrics – how do you narrow down your options and select the right colour?

We went behind the scenes to see how our team are styling some of our most popular sofas this season to give you some inspiration for choosing the right fit for your home.

A neutral foundation

The popular Rio Sofa has made a strong comeback in two new fabrics: green and natural. Both colours have an earthy tone that nods to the natural environment, and of course it wouldn’t be a Rio without unique vertical stitching that runs all the way to the base.

This sofa offers firm support across the arms and back yet a comfy seat to sink into. It would be a great option if you want something that is elegant in looks yet designed for everyday use.

The natural fabric (left) has a light mix of grey flecks that bring out a little softness, whereas green (right) is grounding and creates a slightly more formal look.

Both tones work great with a colour palette of greens, greys, and walnut accents but if you’re looking to add contrast, consider adding a statement rug like the Maddox Shag Rug in Copper or a scatter of Jasper Linen Cushions in rust or mid blue.

Setting the mood with Montemart

When we say everyone loves the Montemart, it’s not an exaggeration! This season we’ve been spoiled with the addition of tan leather. This brings the total fabric options to four (grey/smoke, biscuit/smoke, olive and tan) across a range of sofas, armchairs and ottomans.

The best part? With the Montemart, you don’t have to commit to a uniform look. The simplistic design of each piece means you could go for the 3-Seat in Biscuit/Smoke and let the Olive Armchair add drama in the corner, or vice versa. Any of them would also pair nicely with a statement armchair like Lunar or Micah.

On the left, Montemart in tan lays the foundation for the space and brings a sense of warmth, whereas on the right, grey/smoke provides a simple, neutral look that could be paired up with home décor in brighter tones. Both fabrics look amazing with oak furniture, as it complements the leg details.


Making the most of a modular

Our Granada Modular Sofa is the epitome of ‘family friendly.’ It’s the kind of sofa you look forward to sinking into after a long day. Its modular design also means you can create the look you want based on family and space requirements.

Oat is a classic off-white that looks right at home whether in an old villa, modern home or anywhere in-between. For a winter look, we’ve styled it up with rich plum and soft cream home décor. The stunning deep grain of the Karla Coffee Table in walnut brings out the true oat colour.

Stone is practical, earthy, and a little moody. This season it’s been styled up with a sea of blue shades in both patterns and block colours. If you love stone but you’re a minimalist at heart, you could add a simple mirror, black coffee or side table, a cosy Mouton throw and you’re good to go!

Big on style yet small on space

If you have a small space, Finnian might be the perfect choice. As one of this season's bestsellers, the Finnian Chaise is a unique sofa. It’s small and compact and has a firm, springy seat and comfortable backrest. This piece is finished in a soft yet durable jumbo cord for all the corduroy lovers who like a modern twist.

Available in off white and burnt orange, each look brings a completely different feel to the space. Burnt orange adds drama and makes a fun statement which you can layer up with shades of green, navy and more.

Off white is light and muted, and looks amazing with black or oak accents, but there is also the option to go bold by pulling in some pops of colour with pieces like the Walter Chair or Hudson Velvet Cushion.

In summary, it’s important to consider the tones you love when selecting the right sofa for your space. Since our homes are where we spend a large portion of our time, it’s important to strike a balance between style and comfort.

While it can be overwhelming when something comes in a variety of colours, remember that it is only one element of your overall design. You can use home decor to complement the tones and character of your sofa and infuse your personal style.