1.5 years into our self-build home project and we have received our final Code of Compliance - YAY!

The Outside: a modern architectural build that ambles down a hillside section without nearly any 90-degree angles in sight. The house slopes down the section via split levels and when standing roadside, the building rises low to high from left to right (there were a few head-scratching moments during the build). Moving the focus to the inside you really feel the love and good energy that has been a part of this home build project every step of the way. So, let’s take a look at the finished result!

The Kitchen: We experimented with mixing/clashing different textures as opposed to using colours, and hours and hours of thought went into the placement of straight lines, and curves, integrating appliances, and lighting extras to help balance our style and the feeling of homeliness. Featuring nood Fino Wine Glasses.

The Living Room: We opted for tongue and groove feature walls with a rounded bead along the top, this coupled with the nood Orley Modular Sofa and the Forst Jute Rug helps humble this modern architectural build with beach batch vibes. Complementing this is the Oak Barber Media Unit and Santa Fe coffee table, our Japanese-inspired floor-dwelling dining table, because if you don’t use it you lose it!

The Studio: We designed our 3-bedroom home with an option to be able to shut an area (the studio) off from the main house but also to function as a 3-bedroom house if required.

We love the feel of this split-level open plan studio area with beautiful large windows making this cosy space feel more spacious, bright, and light!

Nood has always been my go-to spot for furnishings and this project has been no different!

We were after a beachy/modern/Scandinavian feel to the interior decorating and the Oak Barber Sideboard and Barber Cabinet have helped tie this all together wonderfully.

Another one of my favourite nood pieces is the sofa bed, a great way to capitalise on smaller spaces creating an extra bed option because options are options, right?!

All the time we spent designing and envisioning these spaces paid off as to us, it is exactly what we were after - which is what matters most!

Much love, Christy

Photos by Nick Beale @stwstudio
Christy Prior @christyprior