I’m a good old fashion pen and paper girl, myself. Playing around with different design layout sketches over floor plans (scaled to size) and evolving my Pinterest mood boards help me narrow down my ‘finalist’ furnishing options by providing a little more spatial awareness and desired style for each room. 

I start with the necessities.

For example, in the living area, I start with the couch, TV placement and where the fire would go and worked forwards from there. Once I decide on these items it makes it easier and narrows down the options for choosing the rugs, TV cabinet, lamps, etc. I match these things to the carpet and the couch, starting to create the overall look I am going for. Last comes the wall decorations and accessories to polish up the final look.

Ask yourself what kind of look are you trying to achieve?

For us building a modern architectural house, our interior design goal was to counteract the sharp, intense edges and lines of the exterior of the house by introducing curves, indoor plants, subtle colorways, and comfortable furniture. This softens and grounds the energy of the space, creating a peaceful and comfortable environment that is conducive to relaxing and unwinding. 

A place of restoration and inspiration. 

Style, comfort, and practicality are my top three priorities when selecting furniture for my home. I’m sure we have all experienced a time when we have walked into a space and it just 'felt good.’

This ‘feeling’ has been the motivation behind our house design from the ground up and when it became time for interior decorating, this was no different. 

The furnishings you select for your home can leverage the feel you are trying to create.

Style, like art, is a personal preference. Keep in mind you and your family are the ones living in it. 

Just because it’s on-trend shouldn’t be the only drawcard when selecting furnishings. Yes, impressing the neighbours may be nice but will you be happy looking and living it day in and day out? 

Is it comfortable and practical? 

Does it support the uses you desire it for? What do you want it to ‘feel’ like when you use it/see it?

Not every piece of furniture needs to be practical of course, like artwork or accessories for example. Pick your battles. Your couch, armchair, or any other seating for that matter are probably going to be in high rotation and furnishings that will probably get well used so selecting items that are comfortable, practical and pleasing to the eye will amplify your enjoyment of these in your home. 

I have to be honest, I love a good couch I can lounge around on and feel like I can relax at the end of the day so we went with the Orley sofa. I had my heart set on this modular sofa since day one. Not only do I love the look and how it complements the overall modern, beach batch style home - but wow is it comfortable! This modular sofa ticked all my couch boxes, style, comfort and practical. Yes please! 

My partner Simon and myself are nearing the end of our self-build home project and things are all starting to fall into place. 

Coming soon - the final look we created.