Not everyone owns the place they live in. But with renting come restrictions, especially when it comes to things like carpets and wall colours. We have gathered some tips on how to make a space feel like your home without leaving permanent marks.

Invest in nice things.

You don’t need to fill every room with designer furniture. Just invest in one or two statement pieces, like a sofa or buffet to set the tone. And sometimes a lick of paint is all it takes to bring an old table in line with that gorgeous couch you just bought!

Consider a throw to cover up that ‘shabby chic’ armchair and add texture and colour.

Don’t hang your artwork.

Leaning a large canvas against the wall can add a focal point to your room (and cover some of that rent-friendly paint job) – either on the floor or a console table. And if a collection of photos is more your thing, dot them around a tall minimalistic bookshelf for a stylish display.

Layer with light.

Swap out bad lampshades with something simple, and then create a welcoming glow with table and floor lamps. By positioning light sources at various heights, you can create some drama, or ‘rooms within rooms’. Add some mirrors around the place to reflect natural light in and make rooms feel larger.

Bring the outdoors in.

Not only do houseplants look nice, they can also help add texture and flow to your home. Use large plants to hide cords in a corner or use smaller plants to soften stark shelves or counters.

Rug up.

Rugs are a great way to cover a carpet or dull looking flooring. Don’t worry about finding that one rug that fits your uniquely-shaped entranceway. Use multiple rugs to lead your visitors into the room and create interesting areas. And yes – you can layer! Let your creativity run wild.

Too bland or too loud?

Use furniture and soft homewares to balance out what doesn’t quite feel right. Add colour with throws, cushions and vases in a beige-on-beige rental, or use neutral colours to calm down the vibes. Don’t feel like you must replace everything you own to make it work. Focus on what you love about your (new?) home and buy some key pieces to bring it all together.

Practical things like storage baskets or lockers can help a colour theme flow throughout the home while adding useful storage.

Make the most of outdoor spaces.

Whether it’s a balcony or small outdoor space – treat it like another room. Outdoor rugs are a great way to bring your personality outdoors. Go for multi-use furniture like plastic dining chairs and tables that will easily move from your dining room to the balcony. Add some cushions and a couple of floor vases and you have a second lounge space ready for entertaining and enjoying.

Choosing furniture and home deco items to match your taste and personality is not only a great way to make your space feel like YOUR home, it also means you can recreate the feeling where ever you move to next!