Our Alford dining range is NZ made from locally sourced, sustainably grown wood, hand finished in a local natural oil. It’s an industrial take on modern dining with timeless sophistication. Perfect for updating your dining room.

Truly sustainable furniture can mean a lot of things. From the choice of materials, how and where they are produced, the durability of all the materials and the design, and even the price point. It can seem like a lot to consider, but don’t worry, we have done the hard work for you and this range ticks all the boxes.

Get the look

It’s an industrial take on a modern family-friendly dining table. The Alford table, console and bench make the perfect dining room trio for your home. Paired with the black Replica Wishbone chair, this combination with the timber Alford makes a real statement.

We partnered with Russells for this shoot and added some beautiful fabrics to soften the space. Behind the table is Aspire by Russells in Angora and to the right is Sienna by Russells Eco Range in Sand. Even better, their new Eco Range of fabrics are made with recycled plastic bottles, with some fabrics using up to 30 plastic bottles per square metre.

Finish the room with a warm rug like the Axel Wool Rug to help connect all the dining pieces and create a sense of comfort. Add in some dinnerware like the Kimber stoneware range for a pop of colour on the wood table and some Fino glassware filled with your favourite wine.

What makes it sustainable?

This dining range ticks all the boxes for fair and sustainable trading. The raw materials are sourced from sustainable growers and responsible manufacturers, at a fair price. The timber is finished by hand in Christchurch with a natural oil coating (rather than Polyurethane). Natural oil provides great performance, beautiful aesthetics, and the added benefit of a healthy home environment.

Will it last?

Yes - the oil the table is finished in are made in Motueka from nature’s finest plant oils and tree resins. Once they are cured, they will withstand extreme wear and best of all are simple to maintain and spot repair. They are commercially rated and waterproof.

What’s the finish like?

Every tabletop is carefully sanded and coated by hand in Christchurch. The natural oil will continue to improve over time. Minor imperfections can be expected with a natural finish, think of it like a leather jacket, any scratches imperfections or dents become a welcome characteristic.

How to care for your table

Timber finished with natural oil can be easily maintained with “Milky Wax” (included in every order) never needing to be sanded again. Minor wear and tear can be managed in one easy step. Apply a little milky wax worked in with a green (supermarket) pot scourer and then cloth back.