It’s no secret that furniture and home decor can be used to show expression within a space, but when it comes to defining different rooms and making your house feel like home, it can be helpful to look at specific trends to draw inspiration from.

By identifying your favourite trends, you can carve out a space to not only enjoy right now, but one that will carry you through seasons to come.

Trend 1. Details and texture 

Texture, texture and more texture. We are seeing unique details everywhere we look this season, with no complaints! It’s not just about the soft and fluffy comforts of sheepskin cushions and cosy throws (though they are irresistible). 

Our latest art range features striking hand-painted elements that infuse a sense of depth on your walls. 

A selection of our new cushions (Ashton, Curtis and Felix) have unique embroidery that makes a statement when paired against simpler fabrics. 

In large furniture pieces like the Karla range, the appeal of natural wood grain brings a character-filled, homely look which encourages you to stop and enjoy the unique craftsmanship of each piece. 

When it comes to styling the home, details and textures can be captured even in the finer details to add visual interest to the overall feeling of your space.


Trend 2. Mood lighting

Set the scene with mood lighting. This trend never goes out of style and can bring a gentle ambience to any room – no more harsh light when you’re trying to unwind and relax. 

Though they haven’t quite landed yet, (arriving early July) we can’t keep this one a secret any longer - our team are so excited to reveal a range of table and floor lamps to complement the range and add a little something to any surface.  

With several styles to choose from, you can keep things traditional with a classic rattan shade, or stylish and contemporary with a sleek metal base.  

We’ll be first to say that lamps are quite addictive – once you add one to your bedside table or home office, you’ll be searching every corner of your home, whether that's a sideboard or console to add another!

Trend 3. Organic & unique shapes 

We love the trend of organic, unrestricted shapes, the way they can prevent everything from feeling overly symmetrical and repetitive. The Organic and Skew Mirrors are a perfect example of this, their irregular shapes bring eye-catching interest whether they’re leaned against a sideboard or hung directly on the wall.

The closer you look, the more you will see these natural elements, even in pieces you wouldn’t expect.  

The Finnian Chaise Sofa is a perfect example as it offers a unique style with its L-shape design. Rounded Side Tables and Dining Tables can also be an excellent space-saving addition to apartment living, while providing an uninterrupted flow with their rounded edges.  


Trend 4. Inviting neutrals

As more of us strive for a clutter-free home the less-is-more approach continues to trend in the design world.

This trend looks at investing in core foundational pieces like modular sofas or dining furniture in a neutral palette that is complemented with thoughtfully considered home decor.

These pieces might have a subtle texture or unique details that provides a clean visual style like our Abbot Modular Sofa or Walter Lounge Chair in cream, paired back with a few cosy pieces like Arched Window Layered artwork or the Stockholm Wool Rug, that can really tie the room together and bring back that slightly lived in feel.

Whichever trends (or parts of trends) resonate with you, there is a new object of desire ready to make your space feel just like home. If you’re not sure where to start, consider stripping your home back to just the foundational pieces you love then gradually layering in décor that brings you joy and will last for seasons to come. 

Want to show off your style with your favourite nood pieces? Tag us on Instagram #noodnz and #showusyournood – we’d love to see them!