nood’s National Visual Merchandiser & Stylist, Lee set about creating her magic with our large range of faux foliage at our recent Spring photoshoot. Read on for her inspiration and final creations.

Arrangement 1 – relaxed boho

You’ve seen it. They’re sprouting everywhere! This trend just keeps growing! But not literally of course! Faux foliage is what we’re talking about here.

Now I love a good faux trend - as much as I love some drama in my spaces. A great focal point, a wow moment, a statement. Can be as big or small as you choose and less permanent than paint or carpet! So, lets suspend all preconceived thoughts and beliefs and have some fun with this.

I recently created some drama for our Spring photoshoot using nood’s stems and branches. The results were quick and satisfying. Inspired by the relaxed boho vibes of floating pampas clouds that have taken over my pinterest feed lately, I got to work.

With faux stems you don’t need to worry about florist foam or water to keep anything alive - bonus. I used a small roll of chicken wire and plyers to cut. Create a loose cylindrical shape of chicken wire to suspend. The branches easily slotted into the chicken wire and created the shape and drama I was after.

I worked in layers using only one sort of branch at a time, starting with the pampas grass. Then added rice stems and bristle grass to give the depth and texture. Step back to check your arrangements balance and over all shape. Keep adding branches to suit.

The hues of the branches perfectly complement nood’s new Alford dining range and Axel rug in rust don’t you think?

Arrangement 2 – modern minimalist

For a different take I used a suspended grid for this arrangement and kept to only one style of branch to achieve this more uniformed installation.

The inspiration was the art. Mimicking is a great way to create harmony in a space as the elements feel connected and relate back to each other. The branches hark back to the tan strip in the art in a loose uncontrived way that pleases the eye.

Arrangement 3 – trail mix

Trailing plants are very popular right now.

They soften and create interest in any interior but if you’re like me – very hard to grow. Thumbs up to all you green thumbs out there that have success growing trailing varieties but me…..I'm going to fake it!

Here I’ve created the illusion of a healthy happy trailing plant by hanging nood’s cats tail stems in a layered manner. Add as many branches as you want, making the arrangement as dramatic as you desire. Hide the ends of the stems with the next one.

Personally, I wanted more trails here but may have bowed to some time pressure on the day!

Arrangement 4 – basket case

While big is glorious, subtle is fab too.

Here I simply bent rice stems to sit comfortably in nood’s Kenna basket set. A great alternative to a vase or vessel.

The texture and volume give a quieter drama to the space.

So, there you have it – some inspo for easy, non-permanent, low-maintenance arrangements to breathe some drama into your interior.

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