The warmer weather is slowly returning and with it brings an exciting new range of products.

From bright pops of home decor to some of our best-selling furniture pieces returning in new ways, we know you will love what Spring has to offer.
We’ve worked with Resene to bring our new season looks together by complimenting them with trending paint colours. From soft whites to deep blue, keep reading to see how we styled some key looks for the season.

Serene and green

Green continues to be a trending colour across all things home styling and Resene Siam is no exception. Sage green walls beautifully complement the natural warmth of oak timbers, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. The addition of warm neutral pieces like the new Coen Coffee Table with elegant fluted leg detail and earthy-toned accessories like the soft Medusa Throw further enhances the cosy feel, making the space feel grounded and serene. Block out the noise and have a moment to focus by incorporating soft greens into your home office area with some plants for added calm.



Neutral and natural

The modest rose beige colour scheme of Resene Double Joss sets the stage for a calm and chic ambience. This natural palette pairs perfectly with the ever-popular Montemart sofa in grey/smoke and warm timber tones.
A warm welcome

Resene Tino Pai is a blended bridge between grey and brown. The greige walls create a sophisticated and versatile backdrop, while the addition of forest green planters adds depth and visual appeal. In this otherwise neutral scheme, warmth is introduced through the use of the Wilson Bench and Kochi Jute Rug. The tropical artwork beautifully complements the colours, adding a touch of nature and visual interest. Together, these elements create an inviting entrance ready to greet you. Welcome home!


Warm up with the weather

The creamy undertones of Albescent White create a soft and welcoming atmosphere, reminiscent of a sunny day or the warm glow of candlelight. Effortlessly blending with a variety of décor styles, its versatility allows it to be paired with vibrant pops of colour, natural textures and bold patterns.


A little bit bold

To create a space that feels grounded, consider a navy like Resene Coast. Used in this living room you immediately feel warm and calm, navy shades create an atmosphere that instantly feels like a hug. Paired with the contrasting pop of red/orange through the Hendry Velvet Cushion and new Double Orb Canvas. Add a fluffy rug and sofa and you’ll never want to leave!